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Tesla’s new Model 3 seats five adults, has two trunks, costs $35,000—and could change everything

"After eight years of promotional buildup, Elon Musk spent just 13 minutes introducing the Model 3, the new mainstream electric car produced by his company, Tesla.That’s not much for a car that Musk, a significant part of Wall Street, and much of the technology community, believe could tip the world away from gasoline-driven vehicles, curb climate change, and profoundly shake up urban lifestyles everywhere. If the make-or-break vehicle is a blockbuster, it will justify investors’ big bet—they have valued Tesla not like a car company, but a Silicon Valley technology startup. But if it sells only at middling scale like current electrics, cash-burning Tesla could go bust.Though it was short, the drama was palpable in a glitzy nighttime ceremony in Hawthorne, California, as Musk summoned three of the Model 3s onto the stage, accompanied by sweeping music and roving lights. The car will cost $35,000, and go 215 miles on a single charge, he said, 15 miles further than generally expected."

Full article here.

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