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BMW i introduces home energy storage using i3 batteries

What happens when you take the battery out of a BMW i3 and put it into a grid-connected box? According to BMW, you get a home energy system that, "integrates seamlessly with charging stations and solar panels." It should also give i3 owners a bit more value out of theirused cars, if BMW ever explains how they can sell their cars or the batteries back to the company for use in a system like this. Announced at the EVS29 event in Montreal today, BMW's stationary energy storage system solution uses i3 batteries to store excess electricity when available for use in power outages or when demand is high. While the system uses new 22- or 33-kWh i3 packs now, it "can be expanded to incorporate 2nd Life Batteries as they become available in the market." BMW says that the average US household used 15-30 kWh of electricity a day in 2014, so the BMW's packs would hold enough juice for a day or two, depending on the situation. Currently, BMW is testing out repurposing used Mini E batteries in a solar electric grid system at the BMW Group Technology Office in Mountain View, California.

article found on which also includes the press release from BMW.

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