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Leap for energy storage with ViZn Energy Systems guarantee

A Montana-based energy storage company, ViZn Energy Systems Inc. (ViZn), has announced that it is offering an optional 95 percent power guarantee on their large scale energy storage systems for up to 20 years. The provider of non-toxic flow battery energy storage systems pledge on warranties represents progress for energy storage technology. “Lithium-ion battery life and their limited warranties have been one of the limiting factors for the widespread adoption of energy storage,” said Ron Van Dell, CEO of ViZn Energy Systems. “Our flow batteries have been thoroughly evaluated by Black and Veatch for longevity and performance over a long system life. The system’s long term warranty and ability to deliver 95 percent of the rated power for 20 years will give utilities, developers, and banks confidence that their energy storage is engineered to last as long as the infrastructure or generation system it is typically coupled with.” ViZn’s guarantee is made possible because, unlike lithium-ion batteries, their flow batteries avoid traditional wear out mechanisms that can degrade battery power and capacity over time. Contrast this with other stationary storage systems that are frequently oversized up to 40 per cent to account for anticipated degradation or wear-out and have life-limiting dependencies due to temperature variations, discharge power amounts, and discharge cycles. In economic terms, the system will appeal to developers, installers, and integrators due to delivering high power services and high energy capacity for the life of their system. The company says there is no longer a need to account for added costs such as cell replacement, out-of-coverage O&M, and reduced performance typically experienced with today’s lithium-ion battery systems. ViZn is currently building the largest flow battery in North America and is on track to be the largest global producer of flow batteries by the end of 2016.

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