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New York Approves Country’s Next Largest Offshore Wind Project

The Long Island Power Authority has approved the development of New York’s first, and the country’s second, offshore wind farm, the 90 megawatt South Fork Wind Farm.

The US offshore wind industry is, currently, not the world’s most impressive. The only project currently operational is the 30 megawatt (MW) Block Island Wind Farm, which only began generating electricity late last year. Developed by Deepwater Wind, Block Island was a long time in coming, but it has spurred other East Coast states into action. During the middle of 2016, policy movement in New York and Massachusetts, as well as plans for a new offshore wind farm off the coast of Maryland, showed that offshore wind was an attractive option.

Announced Wednesday, however, the next step in the process has been officially approved, when the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) Board of Trustees approved a contract for the 90 MW South Fork Wind Farm, to be developed (again) by Deepwater Wind. The 15-turbine wind farm is expected to produce enough electricity to power 50,000 homes.

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