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Ultracapacitors for Start-Stop Systems in Micro-Hybrids

As more states offer incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs), governments are overlooking the benefits that alternative eco-friendly and energy efficient vehicles offer. By only providing credits for pure EVs, states are missing out on an opportunity to ignite adoption of other cars, like micro-hybrids, which also offer environmental advantages compared to traditional combustion engines.

Micro-hybrids aim to combine the best characteristics of modern combustion engines with energy storage systems to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency—the same benefits that appeal to EV drivers.

Start-Stop Systems and Vehicle Electrification

In a micro-hybrid vehicle, start-stop technology allows the engine to shut off when the car comes to a stop at a red light or while sitting in a traffic jam. The system is based on an intelligent combination of engine, brake and energy management. As soon as the driver removes pressure from the clutch or brake pedal, the system restarts the engine.

As automakers look to comply with stricter fuel-economy and emissions regulations, more are choosing to implement start-stop systems in micro-hybrid vehicles. This helps ensure fuel is not wasted during periods when the car is idling, thus reducing emissions.

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