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Trends Shaping the Energy Storage Inverter Market: Falling Prices, Fragmentation, New Features

Inverters are critical to energy storage operation. As the “brains” of a storage project, inverters manage, optimize and ultimately drive project performance and returns. Yet the landscape for energy storage inverters remains nascent and fragmented, full of new products with varying applications and functionality.

In a new report, The Energy Storage Inverter Landscape, we highlight the biggest challenges for storage inverter manufacturers, identify characteristics of successful vendors, and note key trends in the growing market.

Here are five of the key trends shaping the energy storage inverter market.

The vendor landscape will remain extremely fragmented in the coming years. Most inverter manufacturers target just one or two applications, and only a few have a full range of energy storage offerings. As the market matures, we expect the landscape to concentrate and consolidate within each market segment.

Eventually, well-positioned segment leaders will target further growth by layering additional applications and entering new market segments. The resulting competition will drive consolidation in the overall storage inverter landscape.

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