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Drive to rehabilitate New York City fossil fuel peaker plant sites with battery storage

New York Power Authority (NYPA) has started a process of adapting sites that host fossil fuel powered peaker plants in its service area to host battery storage which could replace them.

NYPA, which serves around a quarter of the state of New York’s electric load, today issued a Request for Proposals (RfP) that could lead to four-hour duration battery energy storage systems (BESS) being installed at those sites.

The RfP comes as part of an ongoing push towards clean energy, as outlined in the public power organisation’s long-term strategic plan. NYPA wants to serve emissions-free electricity to all its customers by 2035 — five years ahead of a New York State target date for achieving a zero emissions electricity sector.

It also comes in recognition of the fact that many of New York’s urban peaker plants are located in areas which are home to the state’s most disadvantaged communities.

read the full article here

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