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What the US energy storage industry could look like under Biden-Harris

Earlier this month as the US presidential election results finally looked settled, the Energy Storage Association and its CEO Kelly Speakes-Backman welcomed the prospect of working with Joe Biden and his incoming administration.

In a brief statement sent to media including, Kelly Speakes-Backman said that Biden’s election was in part a mandate to act on climate and that ESA expected to see “strong support from the new Administration” towards decarbonisation in both electricity and in electric transport.

Furthering those aims will necessarily drive the deployment of energy storage on an upward trajectory. With the US already smashing its own records for installations in pretty much every successive quarter, and the industry doing its best to power through the overall economic downturn caused by COVID-19, Speakes-Backman is now more confident than ever that ESA’s goal of 100GW by 2030 is an achievable one.

read the full article on here

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